Our Promise

Our caring and passionate teams go above and beyond to ensure clients’ lives remain as normal and fulfilled as possible. We are passionate about protecting privacy, dignity, and the right to personal choice, and aim to support our service users to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

We have diligence governance processes in place to ensure the very best care. Our teams undertake extensive training as part of their induction which is followed by a continuous professional development programme.

Transforming healthcare

We are a group of nurses and health care professionals who provide quality health care. As a geriatric health collective, we assist people by providing nursing care, dementia care, and complex care management. We help our clients to connect with the best care workers who can meet their needs in person.

A modern approach

It’s essential for us that our clients get personalized suggestions on who from our team is the best match. Rather than do things the typical way, we’ve created a system designed around our client’s needs.

Person Centred Care

Person-cantered care is about treating our service users with dignity and respect and involving them in all decisions about their health.
  • Treating them with dignity, respect, and compassion
  • Communicating and coordinating their care between appointments and different services over time, such as when making a referral from their GP to a specialist
  • Or sharing their care between a community health service and a hospital
  • Tailoring the care to suit their needs and what they want to achieve
  • supporting them to understand and learn about their own health
  • Helping them find ways to get better, look after themselves, and stay independent
  • Involving in healthcare decisions at all times.

Connecting Lives

We believe that age isn’t a barrier to adventure. We’ve also had a huge amount of success in helping older people start something new. Many of our clients have taken up new hobbies such as learning to dance, play instruments, knit, and cook specialist dishes. If there’s something new you’d like to start or an old passion you’d like to revisit, we can match you to the right person to help you achieve this.

Loneliness can have a devastating effect on your physical and mental health, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s get together and solve this problem locally.

Empowering People

Empowering people means engaging them and cooperating with their needs – listening to their ideas, offering feedback, valuing their input. Our team with these simple strategies will also have them more inclined to help you reach your goals. Empowering people is critical to building a high-performing team. When you have access to every individual’s knowledge and skills, and you also trust them to do their jobs without you micromanaging, the team becomes much more efficient.

Rewarding Heros

Our staff is our Heros. Having a strong reward and recognition culture can have a huge impact on not only how our employees perform, but how engaged they are. This contributes to employee satisfaction levels which can also impact how likely our employees are to stay with your team.


Our award-winning care at home fits around your life – it’s tailored, it’s flexible and it’s adaptable. Whether you’re looking for help getting dressed and showered, help around the house, or companionship, our trained carers are perfectly matched to you.

Trinity Care is founded and led by registered nurses who have vast experience in nursing care and management. We believe age should be celebrated and that everybody should be able to live happily, comfortably, and independently at home.

Nurse-Led Care

The vision to expand into complex care comes from a unique and completely nurse-led initiative borne through a clinically sound and truly nurse-led bespoke complex care provision.

Together with multi-skilled nurses who have in-depth knowledge and experience in complex care, we have developed a bespoke care model that ensures the complete safety and well-being of our clients.

We carry out detailed clinical competency-based interviews and take the greatest care to match the skills of our nurses to the needs of our clients.

Our nurse-led care services include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Ventilation and respiratory
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Epilepsy

Visiting Care

Little and often, our visiting care makes a real difference…!

Visiting care offers the support you want when you need it, so you can continue living from the comfort of your own home. With help from as little as half an hour a week and up to several visits a day, a visiting carer can make all the difference.

We’re here when you need it most. From support with your medication and personal care to knowing your favourite meal and whether you prefer a bath or shower. Our fully regulated visiting care service lets you continue living the life you want, on your terms.

Visiting Care service include;

  • Personal care
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication administration
  • Diabetic care
  • Colostomy care
  • Catheter care
  • PEG
  • Repositioning
  • Shopping assistance
  • Prescription management and delivery

Dementia Care

A friendly face for dementia care.

A change of routine and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. That’s why more families than ever are turning to home care rather than residential care, so their loved ones can stay in the place they know and love instead of nursing homes.

Whether you just need someone to check on your loved one and help with personal care or breakfast, or continuous live-in care to make sure they’re safe during the night, you can be assured that our fully-trained carers will be on hand to help whenever you need them. They can also assist with other areas, such as:

  • Assistance with medication to manage their symptoms
  • Support with bathing and/or dressing to keep them looking their best
  • Catheter care and continence management to maintain dignity and comfort
  • Help to establish a regular exercise routine to improve mood and mobility and to strengthen muscles
  • Provide plenty of fluids and a balanced diet
  • Assisting with routine household chores and shopping so their home life doesn’t have to change
  • Companionship, or helping them to be involved in social activities.

One to one Care

One-to-one / Overnight care is when a carer stays in your home day or night to maintain your daily routine. Overnight care gives you access to trained professionals throughout the night to support even the most complex of needs.

Our carers also provide care so you or your loved one can rest comfortably through the twilight hours too.

You may find you need night-time care if you or someone close to you feels uncomfortable being left alone. One-to-one nightly care from one of our fully trained carers means someone is there to assist with toilet breaks, administering medication, or moving position in bed.

Everybody is different and each situation is unique, which is why our one-to-one care is tailored to you. With a dedicated, trained carer help is available at any time. It means you or your loved one can stay in your own home – the place that is most comfortable.

It can be daunting to acknowledge that care is needed. Let us put your mind at ease – speak to our friendly team and find out how we can help you.