About Us

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About Us

Bridging the gap between your dreams and reality

We are a team of professionals with a passion for transforming lives. Tropous believes in the limitless possibilities available around the globe and helps ordinary people make use of these opportunities to build their lives.

What makes us unique is our team and goals. We dream a lot. And so, we help you not only to dream, but to make your dreams a reality.

We work as a complete assistant for your various requirements. Let it be your dream to travel around, or if it’s to get settled in a foriegn country with your family, we can help you with all sort of assistance needed. Our focus area is wide and it includes various dimensions, as we work as overseas educational consultants, abroad visa consultants, travel partner and complete guide for all immigration related matters.

From the Founder

The life we all have dreamt of !!!

Big cities, Highest standard of living, better opportunities around, quality education & a whole new lifestyle!

Moving abroad can give you a new life experience. Do you think it’s a big deal for ordinary people? We’re here to change that thought. Dream big & follow your dream.

Whatever the reason may be for your desire to move to a foreign country, we are here to help you reach it.

Through Tropous, I envision to inspire people like you to follow your western dreams. If you have a wanderlust in you who craves to explore the beautiful world and its diverse cultures, we can guide you as the best travel partner.

And if you’re planning to do your higher studies in the best universities around the globe, we can book a seat for your dream course in the best institution. Whether your plan is to land on a job in a foreign country, or is to look for a job change, we can connect you with the best recruiters.

It’s your future. It’s your life. Look for the best out of the best. We can assure you the rest!

“As a Founder, I will stand as a backbone from your school bench to the career desk.”